This non-profit project was made by 20 Swedish creators who met through architecture, design, fashion, music, photography and sound.

"When the city meets the countryside - Contrasts become similarities - Clichés turn into the unpredictable..."


What this project basically aims to do is two things – One, to encourge people from various artistic fields to create together. To sometimes take a step away from the commercial world and just enjoy the passion you most likely started with when you took your first footsteps against the creative carrier you have today - And two, to encourage everyone to look behind the cliches. To think one extra minute before judging someone or something. To see that even the countryside could be found inside the most hectic city and vice versa. By using this insight as a simple and understandable metaphor, the project aims to help people gain perspective in more complicated situations in their lives.

The film consists of live action scenes and still photography. The soundtrack, “Sky,” is a track written and recorded especially for the project by the Swedish pop star Frida Sundemo.

The film highlights that what seems like the starkest contrasts are sometimes closer than we think. By taking the audience from the Swedish Island of Gotland directly to the island of Manhattan in New York - through buildings, design and fashion - the contrasts between the two are suddenly erased. In the end, the places seem very similar.

Through Ms. Sundemo’s journey, the audience gains a better understanding of the notion that the countryside and the city are sometimes more alike than first expected. It is all about how you look, and what you decide to see within.

From One Island To Another is written and directed by Swedish director Paul Jerndal. His initial intention was to combine several art forms, bringing together a variety of artists through a single conceptual platform; Drawing on music, still photography, architecture, art, fashion, design and sound, the film incorporates the work of many talented individuals, and creates a piece of art that they could all believe in.

Paul also wanted to encourage people to not see life in black or white. He endeavors to point out the importance of having perspective in regards to emotions, situations and people. 

"If we just try for one second to look the complete opposite way of whatever we experience in life, I believe we can learn a lot about ourselves and our patience will continue to grow," Paul Jerndal says.

“When you feel that you´re not good enough, or when you’re haunted by an old love and feel you can’t go on, that everything is going against you… Most of us tend to put the blame somebody else. The aim of this film is to encourage people to search within themselves – to be inspired to look at their lives with new eyes… It is all about what you decide to see within."

The film is created by lots of talented artists.

Paul Jerndal produced the film together with Johan Hellström. All rights belong to the creators.

The old factory where a lot of the scenes are shot at Furillen - Gotland. 


Cinematographer Pär Eliasson setting up the Wake Up Scene in the woods at Gotland. 


Frida Sundemo at Brooklyn Bridge in New York -  in one of the photographs by Johan Hellström


Paul Jerndal explaining the concept at the premiere event at F12 Terassen in Stockholm. 

Frida Sundemo in the scene where the two worlds melt together. At Times Square with a typical Gotland rabbit.