From One Island To Another had its premier at a private exhibition at F12 Terassen in Stockholm.


The invited crowd were welcomed at F12 and were encouraged at the door to think about the largest contrasts in their personal lives. To summer beats from DJ PauPau, people mingled around viewing selected photographs from the project at the terrace. At a certain point the beats created a more artsy atmosphere and New York melted into Gotland. The guests were welcomed downstairs into The Studio where the sound turned into a hint of the song Sky by Frida Sundemo. The main creator of the project, director Paul Jerndal introduced the From One Island To Another and spoke about the importance of reflecting about individual perspectives.

After the film was screened, the creators of the project were welcomed on stage and together they finished the presentation by throwing pine needles all over the audience. Simultaneously strobe lights started and beats from the DJ made the pine needles appear in slow motion reflecting how they are used in the film. 

"The balance in our lives is crucial. Most of us think about our outside for hours every day. We worry about how we look, what people think of us and how good we are in all exterior aspects BUT very seldom do we work on our inside - how we really feel," Paul Jerndal.

"We need perspective to start seeing our lives from different angles. By working with filmic elements that at first seem very constrating within this project, I hope people will be inspired to start reflecting deeper within their own lives."

These reflections continue in another project called Indigo - where lots of the same creators from this project are involved. Check it out 

Thanks for love and support: Matilda Nilsson, Elin Isaksson, Mia Widoff, Dan Bengtsson, Gustav Fromell, Kalle Lindvall, Markus Gunneflo, Åsa Bengtsson, Tommy Håkansson, Martin Lindblad, Anders Sundberg and Andreas Höistad. 

Special Thanks to: The Brand New Content and F12 Terrassen for supporting this night. 

And of course Mikael Blomqvist for supporting the project from the beginning. 

The montage of the main stlls was presented at the terrace. 

Paul Jerndal introduced the film and talked about the importance of reflecting. 

Many of the creators where introduced to the audience.    

Many of the creators where introduced to the audience. 


The official invitation to the event. 

The official invitation to the event.